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So, what’s the plan, boys?

Keep making games — good ones

We give our all to make unique, engaging games with compelling social features, and we’re set up to put our games on multiple platforms without compromise.

Got it all figured out, see?

We understand and appreciate that a game launch is “just the beginning,” so you can count on us to always have fresh and meaningful content on the horizon.

TL;DR Good games by a good crew, capisce?

And just who’s runnin’ this outfit?

The Guv
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The Guv

Kyle Maglio, Design & CEO

Call him a mastermind or criminally insane, he’s always a step ahead of the game.

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Ian Dendy, Servers & CTO

Might grumble and groan all the while, but, you can bet yer life, he’ll get the job done.

The Train
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The Train

Eric Proton, Art Czar

Whatever’s on order, he loads it up with style and delivers according to schedule.

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Phill Djonov, Systems & Tools

Braves the depths for jobs “too big to tackle” and surfaces with a fistful of diamonds.

The Face
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The Face

Adam Maglio, Brand Manager

No matter who you are, no matter where you’re standing, he’s always looking out for you.